How to become a better racecar driver - race driver coaching from Le Mans Winner Jonny Adam

Driving a racing car isn't easy, and trying to get the best out of a race car and yourself at the same time can be tricky. Race driver coaching is something I have been doing since 2005. It's now a crucial part of my job as a professional racing driver. Trying to find that perfect racing line or vital setup change that could find those important last few tenths for fellow sports car drivers and team-mates gives me great satisfaction.  

Preparation is key

When driver coaching I believe preparation is the key. When I’m competing myself I will spend hours on an Aston Martin simulator perfecting a circuit or advanced driving technique before I go to a race, or even a test day with the Aston Martin Racing factory team. In each driver coaching session I will always use two essential elements: visual cues and data. For establishing basic racing lines or wet lines depending on circuit and track surface I use on-board video reviewing each driver’s performance in step-by-step detail to make sure their racing lines are correct and the steering and driving manner is smooth and precise.  

Focusing on marginal gains through driver coaching

Then we dive into the detail of data and telemetry. Using a data system or a video GPS allows me to compare all the driver inputs, from brake pedal pressures to throttle inputs. By digging down to that level and really understanding each driver we can work on making marginal gains right across the full range of driving technique and extracting their maximum potential. Whether it’s sitting alongside someone in a car at a track day or test, attending races to observe a driver’s performance at a specific corner on timing splits, or reviewing on-board video and data for them remotely, I really enjoy passing on my experience from competing in British GT, Blancpain Series and the World Endurance Championship. With my knowledge of racing at all levels from karting to the professional ranks, I believe I can help drivers of all levels and ability to gain valuable time at any track via a combination of:
  • Data and video analysis
  • In car tuition
  • Simulator coaching

The key benefits of good driver coaching

As a fully-qualified race driving instructor the best advice I could give anyone is to drive within the car, the tyres and your own limits. Smooth is fast and in control. Over-driving is a very common problem. Only until you learn how to master the temptation to go too hard will you be able to focus on really making the gains you need to get to and stay at the front of the grid. If you are serious about your career and driver coaching is something you are considering please feel free to drop me an email for more details and prices via